The Comforting Truth About Death

There is an almost universal belief that when a person dies he or she either goes to heaven or hell. This widely held belief is based on the idea that man has an immortal soul. Man does not have an immortal soul, as we will see as we examine more on this topic. Read More…

Origin of Evil

It is a fact that evil exists. But why does evil exist and result in so much suffering and pain to mankind? The Holy Scriptures tell us that all is of God. Is evil of God? link to evil page.


Do we have Free Will?

The vast majority of Christians believe that we all have free will or free moral agency. But here is no mention of free will or free moral agency in the scriptures. Link to article on free will

Purpose of Satan

Practically all Christians believe that Satan is real and he is evil. According to scripture he is a deceiver, liar and murderer. Why is Satan so wicked? Read more.

Rich Man and Lazurus

In the book of Luke in chapter 16, from verse 19 to 31, we find Jesus Christ relating a story about Lazarus and the rich man. What is the meaning? Read more.


Is Human Nature Evil?

It is commonly believed, especially in evangelical circles, that human nature is evil. Is that true? Read more.

Divine Judgments of God

God’s judgments are a crucial part of His revelation. They begin with the episode in the garden of Eden and end with the White Throne Judgment. Read More.

More articles coming soon for more in depth study. Coming soon.