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Prelude to the Book of Revelation

To most of mankind, the Bible is a book that is hard to understand. No part of the Scriptures seems so securely closed as the book of Revelation. Instead of being the revealing of Jesus Christ, it is generally taken as a covering, thick and impenetrable, intended to hide rather than reveal. But the covering is not on the book. It lies on our own understanding. It is an unveiling in the fullest sense of the word. A most striking confirmation of this fact lies in the frequent recurrence of the word "open." Things which initially appear closed and covered can be opened and understood by a believer.

Our Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ, is coming. On all side’s signs abound which make us troubled in anticipation of coming world events. The deviation of "the church," from Scriptural truth, the alienation of nations with different ideologies, the restoration of Israel to the land of promise all unite in urging us to be mindful of events, for our time is short.

The emerging global movement toward a new world order is gaining momentum. The recent news on a “great reset” is setting up conditions for this world-wide one rule government.

The crisis of all history lies just before us. The climax of the eons is at hand. All creation is about to stage and witness the greatest act in the tragedy of human existence. But let us always remember that it is only a crisis. The pains, though sharp, are short. It is not the end. It is but the introduction to God's grand purpose to bless all mortals. The far future is filled with overflowing bliss as long drawn out as the period of His fury as described in the book of Revelation will be brief.

This prophetic book has also been titled the Apocalypse and the Unveiling, depending on the translated version. The following sections describe the contents of this awesome book. Next is the Introduction.

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