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The Tabernacle

It is remarkable that the plan of God and His Heavenly Throne room is mirrored in His design of the tabernacle in the wilderness. It is not unusual for His invisible realm to be manifest as a type or shadow within the physical creation. Many people do not associate the tabernacle structure with the five eons which depict the Plan of God for humankind.

Catching a glimpse of this we can begin to see how incredibly wise and omnipotent is God. The Tabernacle is most certainly a beautiful structure but most people do not see His plan in the design of the Tabernacle.

The five divisions encompassing the tabernacle system are, (1) outside the camp, (2) within the camp, (3) the court, (4) the holy place, and (5) the holy of holies (the most holy place). These really divide into three and two, for only the last two are in the tabernacle itself, and are called 'the holies of the holies', just as the last two ages, or eons are distinguished by God's direct involvement with the affairs of mankind.

The "holy place" and the "holy of holies," represent eon four and five, the eons that are still future. Around this holy area is the "court," inside the fence bordering the tabernacle, and this court represents the third eon , which is the present eon. Outside the fence is the camp, where the Israelites lived. This area represents the second eon. Then there is the area outside the camp, where the nations lived. This represents the first eon.


CAMP - Eon 1.

We know very little about the first eon, just that it began with the initial physical creation and ended just as God was about to renew the surface of the earth which had become waste and void.

Gen 1:2 (Rotherham EB) Now, the earth, had become waste and wild, and darkness, was on the face of the roaring deep,—but, the Spirit of God, was brooding on the face of the waters,

This was before the creation of Adam. So we know very little, but we may put it on a level with the world outside the camp. During this first eon, God did, as far as we know, not reveal Himself to His then present creation, other than through nature.

Rom 1:20 (Concordant Literal Version) For His invisible attributes are descried from the creation of the world, being apprehended by His achievements, besides His imperceptible power and divinity, for them to be defenseless.

CAMP - Eon 2.

In the depiction of the tabernacle we are now in "the camp." This eon runs from the creation of Adam until the Flood in the days of Noah. In this eon God showed Himself occasionally. He walked in the Garden of Eden with Adam, was a friend of Enoch, and spoke with Noah. Thus He began revealing Himself to mankind in a very limited way.This was an age of sin. Sin was so rampant that God drowned them all in the flood except for Noah and his family


We are now in "the court" of the Tabernacle complex. This eon runs from the Flood in the days of Noah, until the return of Christ.

In "the court" God appeared often in dealing with patriarchs and prophets as He continued to expand on His work of salvation, step by step. He deals with Abraham, the father of the faithful, and his sons Isaac and Jacob. Then to the people of Israel, who learn to know Him through the rescue from Egypt. He gives them the law, the Law of Moses which the nation of Israeli was to obey. We know that they were unable to obey His laws most of the time.

Later in this eon God the Father sent Jesus Christ to this earth to live a perfect, righteous life and die for the sins of mankind. This third eon (age) is one involving sacrifices. Animal sacrifices by the Levitical priesthood at the brazen alter in the tabernacle. In the court this sacrificial altar is certainly suggestive of the sacrifice of our Lord and Saviour.

And today we ourselves being a living sacrifice to God (
Rom. 12:1). Finally, with all this He deepened our knowledge of Himself through His revelations to Paul and by the calling out the Elect, the members of the Body of Christ.


We have entered the Tabernacle and find ourselves in "the holy place." This eon runs from the return of Christ for 1000 years. This eon is called "The Millennium". There shall be a temple in
Jerusalem from which Christ will rule the nations of the earth. Priests will offer sacrifices in the temple. It is a time when swords will be beaten into ploughshares, nation shall not lift up sword against nation. It will be a time of peace and prosperity. In the 4th eon God will be further revealed through the Kingship and Priesthood of His Son in the Millennial reign, and the knowledge about Him will not be limited to Israel and the Body of Christ, but all the then living, all over the world, will know about Him. After the 1000 years are over, Satan is loosed for a while, deceiving the nations. Thereafter the fifth and final eon begins.


We walked on and have arrived in "the holy of holies." This eon runs from the time when the earth is renewed with fervent heat, heavenly
Jerusalem descends to earth and the rest of the dead are resurrected. The mercy seat in "the holy of holies" is a type of white throne of judgement for all resurrected mankind. God dwells with mankind (still flesh) and judges from His white throne in righteous judgement. Those who died in the past have now been resurrected and learn to know Him. All will know Him and every knee shall bow in humble worship of God. At the end is the consummation when God is ALL in ALL (I Cor 15:28).

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