It is the desire of this web site writer that your heart might be set free from the fear and prejudice of Man’s Doctrines, and be released into the freedom to soar to greater heights of knowing God and understanding His Grand Purpose.
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A wonderful gift from God is His Word. With estimated total sales of over 5 billion copies, the Bible is widely considered to be the best-selling book of all time.

 It has been said that you can prove anything from the Bible. Is this really true? There have been many opinions and ideas on what the Holy Scriptures truly teach. All Christian denominations and groups have their own list of beliefs and all say their teaching comes from the Bible but almost all have different opinions on what the Bible says?

Most people have a desire to understand God and His plan, purpose, power, and workings. Without a knowledge of God’s plan, purpose, power, and workings, many will be very frustrated trying to understand the Bible.  There are many apparent contradictions in Scripture. The real contradictions, however, are between Scripture and misunderstanding or mistranslation of Scripture by translators. If we search for an understanding of God’s plan and His ultimate purpose, we will be pleasantly surprised to find answers to all of our questions. The Holy Scriptures never contradict each other.

Things to consider about the Bible and its teaching:

Does the Bible teach of an ever burning hell fire for evil doers?
Does a person have an immortal soul?
Did Jesus fail when He said He was the saviour of the world?
Did God lose the vast majority of the human race?
God created good and not evil. True?
Is the lake of fire and hell the same thing?

If you answered yes to some or all of these questions it may be worthwhile to read some of the articles on this web site to see if you agree or disagree.

Something to Contemplate

Is the work of God on this earth a failure? The past ages seem to be replete with failures on God’s part. Adam sinned and brought the whole human race into the service of sin and the doom of death. Could not God have prevented this somehow? Subsequently, humanity that sprang from him became so wicked that it had to be wiped out by a great flood, except for a few souls. Why did not God foresee this and stop the evil? Thereafter the nation of Israel was set apart to be an example and a blessing to the nations. But they became worse than the others and even crucified God’s Christ, and thereby utterly failed to fulfill their function. Failure! Failure! Failure! All that God did seemed to end in futile failure. Both creation and revelation were full of evidences of God’s power and infinite wisdom, yet His dealings with mankind apparently showed the reverse. He seemed to pyramid one failure upon another.

Many people believe the operations of God are a great big failure. In almost every avenue of life, human beings have messed up. Just look at the results! They excel principally in doing evil and in corruption.

It is only those children of God who by faith can see the multifarious wisdom of God in these apparent failures, for only those whose hearts have been opened to the secret which He concealed from the eons hitherto, are able to apprehend the vastness of the wisdom He displays. This web site aids in the pursuit of this marvelous understanding.

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